Link Engineering specializes in the creation of bespoke staircases, masterfully integrating core ten steel to add both strength and a modern aesthetic to each design.


Our expert team employs advanced welding techniques to ensure that each staircase is not only visually striking but also structurally sound, making them a prominent choice for residential installations.
The personalized approach taken by Link Engineering ensures that every staircase uniquely enhances the ambiance and functionality of the residence it graces.

Gallery: Constantia Tree house project. 

Accolade: Winner of the 2016 Steelwork contractor (Residential Architecture)

Features: Steel main structure, core ten bridge, brass and copper installations, afromosia cladding, a floating staircase, core ten ponds.

Gallery: Gardens Residence

Featuring: blending functional design with aesthetic appeal. Our expertise encompasses the creation and installation of elegant pergolas, robust gates, and bespoke staircases.

Gallery: Clifton Residence

Featuring: Mild steel fireplaces, mild steel staircases with timber cladding, aluminium pergolas with steel I-beam subframes

Gallery: Clifton Bungalows

Featuring: Stainless steel Ballustrading and handles, Wood cladding, automated Stainless and wood shutters

Gallery: Constantia Wine Farm

Featuring: Mild Steel fireplaces up to 4.4m 

Gallery: Featuring in factory production